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Owner: Salvador O.

Let Us Transform Your Space

Regardless of what your vision may be for your kitchen or bathroom, at Casa Blanca, we will bring it to life with our granite, tile, and stone services. We specialize in installing intricate counter tops and sinks, along with adding unique touches to fireplaces, bathrooms, showers, and more.

We supply a variety of granite materials and natural stone types. You can also purchase beautiful remnants. We do not supply tile, but we can install it for you.

Shadow Storm

New Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite Countertops

Marble Honed Bar Countertops

Casa Blanca Granite is proud to take on any challenge. We love making our customer's ideas

Honed Natural Stone

Casa Blanca Granite is proud to take on any challenge. We love making our customer's ideas

Beautiful Blue Countertop

Beautiful Blue Countertop

Beautiful Blue Countertop

Our Process

At Casa Blanca, we provide our clientele with a seamless process for your tile, granite and natural stone needs. Below, we have provided a list of steps.

1) You contact Casa Blanca.

2) We Schedule a date for measurements of your Counter tops.

3) We Call you and provide Estimate if you agree with the price.

4) You sign a contract with us and make a 50% deposit.

5) We Schedule for templates and Install.

6) We fabricate with the templates.

7) We Install 10 to 15 Business Days Later.


To give your home that upscale elegance you desire, granite counter tops can make all the difference. Choose from a rich variety of unique granite types, like Carra White and Amarelo Boreal, to match your kitchen's signature style. Beyond high-end granite counter tops we can also install luxurious granite back-splashes and other unique details. Whatever you can imagine, we can bring it to life.


Let us transform your ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary. Granite counter tops add that extra touch of upscale elegance to any space. We can encase showers with granite walls and bathtub enclosures along with installing elaborate tile designs and more.


Kitchen and bathroom sinks are often a household element that is overlooked when considering upgrades, but when executed properly, a sink can add so much aesthetic appeal to your living space. Choose from modern onyx oval sinks to create a unique contrast or adorn your area with a lovely copper bathroom sink, rich with character. The options are endless.


Fireplaces really give your home that added appeal and value beyond serving a functional purpose. Many homeowners choose to install fireplaces for the aesthetic beauty. At Casa Blanca, we can add further beauty to your fireplace by installing granite and tile elements to add a rich, stately elegance you can enjoy.